Heather Munro
Writer • Copywriter • Editor
Editing + Proofreading

Good editing removes barriers

so readers can focus on your ideas, not just your words.


Have you ever been stopped in your tracks by a typo or a strange word choice? Even small errors can be distracting.

My goal as an editor is to gently remove these “speed bumps”
that can derail a reader, so your text is:
• clearer and more concise,

  1. consistent in tone and style, and

  2. appropriate for your goals and your audience.

My editing background includes one year as a newspaper copy editor, two years as a proofreader and layout editor at a major insurance company, and more than 10 years as a freelance
book editor. I’ve also led a handful of bilingual (English-to-
Spanish) projects.

Need help developing a style guide, or editing a book or document? Please drop me a note.